Challenges list


In order to ensure the quality of news, to increase the number of users and to adjust the content of digital media to the target group, to be more precise to young people, Glas Istre is looking for a more efficient and better use of new technologies. There is a need to be present in all available channels, allowing the expand beyond traditional frame. Globalization and digitalization are forcing the media sector on an international level to adjust their business to the development of new technologies, simultaneously creating a lot of „fake news“. The impact of this problem, with a focus on local area, is that Glas Istre as leading media in the region, need to ensure the quality of information. With the efficient use of new technologies and tools within, sharing information could be better, more accurate and reliable, and the content on digital platform could be created in such a way to attract more young people.


How do you consolidate your data so you do not have to manually update it again? Can the method of systematic data collection be used with the use of new technologies so that the job does not duplicate, which ultimately increases the efficiency of the work? By solving this problem through the design of an analytics system, it would be possible to develop a quality development strategy that includes a state of the art analysis in different sectors (without the manual updating), strategic thinking, customized mode of operation and data unification, respecting the guidelines and legal regulations set on national level by Croatian Ministry of regional development and EU funds. The impact of the problem is in the inefficiency of the work and the inability to obtain a quality analytical ground for developing a strategy of the Region of Istria development for future period, which would contribute to the economic development in the region in general.

Innovation in destination promotion

How to use existing destination website with the final aim to encompass the entire regional tourist offer: how to integrate it in one place with the possibility to book and arrange vacation itineraries? The solution of mentioned problem could enhance tourism development in the region, and there is also possible distribution to other websites, tourist boards etc. which could finally contribute to local community and ecosystem.
- Online services presentation  car rentals, tour guides, restaurant reservations etc

We are VR

How to use new technologies, including existing resources/products (i.e. application), in order to discover culture and history of protected locality? How to introduce the guests and local citizens to the history of the city of Pula through the usage of VR technology? How to approach existing product and develop it from the aspect of communication, visualization and functionality of VR? The final aim of the solution of the mentioned problem is encouraging the use of new technologies and education about historical and cultural heritage of the city of Pula in an interesting and attractive way. Furthermore, this could contribute to the education, tourism development and community overall. There is a need for innovation in the field of tourism in order to increase the level of the service offered, but in the way which does not leave out the local citizens. Innovative solution of the problem, with the help of existing product, might be shared to other SMEs in the region, with the aim of connecting, better cooperation among stakeholders, education and economy development in Istria and wider.

Do we really need a boss?

How to redefine the organization of a small enterprise in order to motivate employees and to increase the work productivity? Are there possibilities besides classic organizational structures, which could better match working field of Krug Travel or with more working flexibility and easier decision making? An innovative organization with self-management could enhance the effectiveness of work, but also reduce the number of “brain drain” at local level through raising the employment percentage or motivate other companies in the same field to redefining the organization. The impact of this problem in the close future is lack of innovations which are needed, especially in the tourism sector. On the other hand, if we offer young people the opportunity through jobs where they feel as needed employees, whose opinion matters, and who can have a friendly relationship with their boss and colleagues, maybe they will decide on staying in our region. The impact on the local and international level is enlarged if the solution could be applied in other SMEs.

Spin the SPIN

Students of UNIPU are not familiar with the concept of SPIN. The challenge would be how to reach entire student population of UNIPU in order to inform, educate, interest and attract them to join the SPIN.
So, what could be the best way to attract them, how to encourage them to materialize their entrepreneurial ideas? Enhancing the impact of SPIN in student population will improve entrepreneurial culture among students and in the society.

Creation of new tourist products in Central Istria

TZSI is the only tourism community of areas (Public authorities) in Istria which includes 9 public authorities – the city of Pazin and PA Sv. Lovreč, Tinjan, Sv. Petar u Šumi, Karojba, Cerovlje, Lupoglav, Gračišće and Pićan. TZSI is a part of the tourism boards of tourism undeveloped areas, so the tourist offer is still underdeveloped, i.e. there is a need for larger number of tourist products, especially in the outdoor sector as well as in the entertainment and culture sector. The challenge would be to create proposals for new tourist products, based on existing resources of the area, which would enrich the tourism offer of central Istria. Especially in the period before and after the season. New tourist products, disburdening the existing ones, could lead to diversification of the offer, attracting more guests and generally contributing to the development of the region. Creating an innovative solution of mentioned problem would create entrepreneurial opportunities, opportunities for effective use of existing resources, develop sustainable tourism which is highly important for the future of the region and an increase of the employment percentage in the tourism sector, which would ultimately effect on local and regional environments.

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