We are VR

Skills of the team:

The team members shall have the following skills:
• Study in the field of economy, culture and tourism, IT
• Graphic design skills
• Analytical skills
• Knowledge in the field of 3D print (for prototype)


How to use new technologies, including existing resources/products (i.e. application), in order to discover culture and history of protected locality? How to introduce the guests and local citizens to the history of the city of Pula through the usage of VR technology? How to approach existing product and develop it from the aspect of communication, visualization and functionality of VR? The final aim of the solution of the mentioned problem is encouraging the use of new technologies and education about historical and cultural heritage of the city of Pula in an interesting and attractive way. Furthermore, this could contribute to the education, tourism development and community overall. There is a need for innovation in the field of tourism in order to increase the level of the service offered, but in the way which does not leave out the local citizens. Innovative solution of the problem, with the help of existing product, might be shared to other SMEs in the region, with the aim of connecting, better cooperation among stakeholders, education and economy development in Istria and wider.


The use of new technologies is a part of a daily life, besides following trends or adapting to guest needs in the field of tourism. Classic tour operating will be enhanced on a higher level of services, which will probably involve new technologies, e.g. virtual reality. Krug Travel agency uses virtual reality in their work, and would like to increase the number of guests or improve guests' relation, but also involve local population in their VR activities, with the final aim of creating benefits for the local community through innovative methods. Target groups are local community, education institution (schools), SMEs in the field of tourism in the region.

Additional info:

• Idea/concept or prototype is expected to be delivered by the team of young talents
• To the team will be given the knowledge and materials needed for creating innovative solution, for instance, the team will be introduced to existing product in order to create improvements or innovative solution

Company name:

Krug Travel

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution:
Krug Travel is a Croatian Tour Operator based in Opatija and Pula. We are a team of friends, travel professionals, and academics. Our home base is the Istrian Peninsula. We believe that Istria is a unique melting pot of three countries: Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. On our small group tours, we offer a story of all three countries together, interwoven into one cultural experience. Mouthwatering homegrown food, fantastic Istrian wines, medieval hilltop towns, ancient Roman ruins, and the crystal clear sea water are some of the aspects that make this a must-see-destination when travelling to Croatia, Italy or Slovenia.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
In 5 years we want to be the best Destination Management Company in Istria through our boutique travel arrangements and through creating brand new travel experiences with the use of contemporary perspectives, methods and technology.
- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
You will work together closely with Marko Flego. He is responsible for the development of the Virtual Reality Project „www.virtualrealitycroatia.com“.

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