Innovation in destination promotion

Skills of the team:

• be familiar with tourism in Istria, social media, advertising, web design and structure.


How to use existing destination website with the final aim to encompass the entire regional tourist offer: how to integrate it in one place with the possibility to book and arrange vacation itineraries? The solution of mentioned problem could enhance tourism development in the region, and there is also possible distribution to other websites, tourist boards etc. which could finally contribute to local community and ecosystem.
- Online services presentation  car rentals, tour guides, restaurant reservations etc


IRTA manages several business activities in order to promote destination and tourist offer in Istrian Region. Some of the services are already present on the destination website, however there could be more – like, packaging, special offers, online advertising… The role of organization in this context is to contribute tourism development in the region, while the target groups are both, the citizens and guests.

Additional info:

The team is expected to deliver implementation and innovative idea through the use of new technologies. For instance, to contribute or to modify an existing destination website, website development, design and structure as well as destination advertising possibilities and analysis and social media integration.

Company name:

IRTA - Istarska razvojna turistička agencija

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution: Istrian Tourism Development Agency manages the Istria Tourism Board website and all the accompanying channels – newsletter, social media... There are other development projects we work on which might be useful. Beside ICT in Tourism and promotion of the destination, IRTA also develops tourist products.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
Developing new projects, integrating them with European funds.
Advertising and social media management, customer relations.
- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
Department for E-marketing deals with all things digital. It started the digital transformation which led to the making of a new website – the basis for the services platform.

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