Skills of the team:

The team members shall have the following skills:
• Interest in the field of IT and new technologies
• Analytical skills
• Strategic planning and thinking
• Study in the field of economy (esp. Management) or IT


How do you consolidate your data so you do not have to manually update it again? Can the method of systematic data collection be used with the use of new technologies so that the job does not duplicate, which ultimately increases the efficiency of the work? By solving this problem through the design of an analytics system, it would be possible to develop a quality development strategy that includes a state of the art analysis in different sectors (without the manual updating), strategic thinking, customized mode of operation and data unification, respecting the guidelines and legal regulations set on national level by Croatian Ministry of regional development and EU funds. The impact of the problem is in the inefficiency of the work and the inability to obtain a quality analytical ground for developing a strategy of the Region of Istria development for future period, which would contribute to the economic development in the region in general.


The Istrian Development Agency along with the Region of Istria’s departments is facing a problem of managing a large amount of data that need to be updated, which reduces the efficiency of the work. The collected data are used in developing regional development strategy and are intended for different regional development stakeholders in the area of the Region of Istria.

Additional info:

• Idea or concept for a software solution for quality data collecting and unifying in line with guidelines or tool is expected to be delivered by the team of young talents
• To the team will be given the knowledge and materials needed for creating innovative solution, for instance, materials/conclusions related to previous and present state of art

Company name:

IDA - Istarska razvojna agencija

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution:
Istrian Development Agency – IDA Ltd. was founded by public self-government units of the Region of Istria in 1999, as first regional development agency in Croatia and operational body entrusted with the implementation of development programmes in the Region of Istria. Today it’s one of leading Croatian regional development agencies and its primary role lies in the stimulation of the development of SMEs in the Region of Istria through securing financial support (credit and guarantee schemes), developing entrepreneurial infrastructure (business incubators and business zones, cluster initiatives), providing training courses for SMEs and public institutions, providing information and consultation services to entrepreneurs, offering services to prospective foreign investors, investing in R&D centres and related activities for the benefit of SMEs and implementing different EU funded projects aimed at creating favourable entrepreneurial conditions in the region.
In 2010 IDA was appointed by national authorities as official regional development coordinator for the Region of Istria and as such was entrusted with the task of coordinating different stakeholders in the preparation of regional development strategies and monitoring its progress. Since June 2018 the role of regional development coordinator for the Region of Istria has been assigned to a new institution founded by the Region of Istria itself: Regional Coordinator for European Programmes and Funds of the Region of Istria and in the following period IDA is about to transfer its know-how in regional development management to a new institution.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
In the next period IDA will continue collaborating with new regional development coordinator in elaborating and preparing new Regional Development Strategy for the period 2021-2027, especially in the field of development of programmes for the benefit and growth of SMEs.
Besides this IDA will continue to implement with the aid of EU funded projects the following activities for the benefit of SMEs:
- tailor-made financial support programmes (credit and guarantee schemes)
- developing entrepreneurial infrastructure (business incubator and coworking spaces, business zones and cluster initiatives)
- providing training courses for SMEs
- providing information and consultation services to entrepreneurs
- offering services to prospective foreign investors
- investing in R&D centres and related activities for the benefit of SMEs.

- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
In order to plan better and more efficient development strategy for future IDA’s activities in the sector of fostering economy development there is a need to elaborate a smart IT tool for data collecting, unifying and monitoring/updating. In order to set up quality and tailor-made tool, a set of key indicators in relevant categories of data needs to be identified and cross-sectorally analysed first of all and then a solution for efficient data collection and elaboration should be delivered.
Smart IT solution for efficient regional development analyses and management will surely contribute to quality of strategic planning of IDA and Region of Istria in general, i.e. benefits will have a spill-over effect.

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