Skills of the team:

The team members shall have the following skills:
• Creativity
• Curiosity
• Interest in the world of the media
• The tendency to use new technology tools or social media
• The desire to adjust and create interesting content for larger number of users, especially young people in region
• Study of field: IT, Marketing (preferably, not a condition)


In order to ensure the quality of news, to increase the number of users and to adjust the content of digital media to the target group, to be more precise to young people, Glas Istre is looking for a more efficient and better use of new technologies. There is a need to be present in all available channels, allowing the expand beyond traditional frame. Globalization and digitalization are forcing the media sector on an international level to adjust their business to the development of new technologies, simultaneously creating a lot of „fake news“. The impact of this problem, with a focus on local area, is that Glas Istre as leading media in the region, need to ensure the quality of information. With the efficient use of new technologies and tools within, sharing information could be better, more accurate and reliable, and the content on digital platform could be created in such a way to attract more young people.


Regarding the media usage in a modern world, sharing information among users is faster with the development of new technologies. Although, in a sea of information, the quality of news is questionable. Beside traditional media usage like the newspaper, media sector is expanding and has developed digital tools (video, infographics, social media, web portal). Glas Istre is trying to adjust to the modern needs in the media sector, through more efficient usage of these tools with the aim of attracting more users, especially young people.

Additional info:

• Idea/concept/prototype is expected to be delivered by the team of young talents
• Except tools related with graphic design or social media, there are no specific tools and instruments defined which could be used
• To the team will be given knowledge and materials needed for creating innovative solution, for instance, materials/conclusions related to previous and present state of art

Company name:

Glas Istre

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution:
Glas Istre is a Croatian regional daily newspaper published in Pula.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
In 5 years we see our company confirmed as regional leader in the news business. One of the main reasons for keeping and expanding that position will be great digital content that we will produce. New ideas and brave decisions based on digital feedback and information will secure domination of Glas Istre.
- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
Web portal is the heart of the Glas Istre newsroom. Traditional print media journalists tend to be slow and easygoing because they produce news for "the day after". Web portal editors and reporters produce news for "now" so their rhythm is much faster. Their forte is in digital platforms know-how, direct communication with consumers of our content and in quick reactions to daily breaking news.

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