Creation of new tourist products in Central Istria

Skills of the team:

• Creativity
• Knowledge and skills in the field of culture and tourism
• Interest in the tourism sector
• Team work skills


TZSI is the only tourism community of areas (Public authorities) in Istria which includes 9 public authorities – the city of Pazin and PA Sv. Lovreč, Tinjan, Sv. Petar u Šumi, Karojba, Cerovlje, Lupoglav, Gračišće and Pićan. TZSI is a part of the tourism boards of tourism undeveloped areas, so the tourist offer is still underdeveloped, i.e. there is a need for larger number of tourist products, especially in the outdoor sector as well as in the entertainment and culture sector. The challenge would be to create proposals for new tourist products, based on existing resources of the area, which would enrich the tourism offer of central Istria. Especially in the period before and after the season. New tourist products, disburdening the existing ones, could lead to diversification of the offer, attracting more guests and generally contributing to the development of the region. Creating an innovative solution of mentioned problem would create entrepreneurial opportunities, opportunities for effective use of existing resources, develop sustainable tourism which is highly important for the future of the region and an increase of the employment percentage in the tourism sector, which would ultimately effect on local and regional environments.


TZSI covers one fifth of the Istrian Region area, but it has a limited number of accommodation facilities (800 facilities, of which 80 % are vacation homes, the rest are smaller facilities, only one hotel and less than 4.000 beds). Also, there is a certain number of tourist products, but still insufficient considering the interest, i.e. guests who are staying or gravitating to central Istria. In the outdoor sector, the most popular are zip lines and Speleological adventure “Pazinska Jama” and there is certainly a need for additional contents of this type. In the last two years the infrastructure for the Cyclo-tourism has been greatly strengthened, and it is also about strengthening the segment of trail and trekking. There is undeniable interest in cultural products, especially based on existing resources and localities. The solution is intended for the local community.

Additional info:

An idea or a concept of new tourist products is expected to be delivered by the team. These deliverables could be realized through cooperation with potential investors within the area of TZSI or wider. The knowledge and materials will be given to the team, as the inputs needed for creating a solution.

Company name:

Turistička zajednica središnje Istre

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution:
TZSI is the first community of areas (Public authorities) in Croatia and still the only one in Istria, and as such an excellent example of joint action, in this case 9 PA, focused on the rational functioning and an unique development of the destination. TZSI is specific for its organization, functioning, but also because of diversity of covered public authorities which are promoted as an unique destination. TZSI office is located in Pazin, and for the past two years there is also an info center in „Kuća fresaka“ in Draguć.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
As an important and well known DMO successfully promoting Central Istria world wide.
- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
New products will increase the strength of our destination and its attractivity to a bigger tourist market, ultimately contributing to the local and regional innovative ecosystem and strengthening the partnership among stakeholder

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