Do we really need a boss?

Skills of the team:

The team members shall have the following skills:
• Study field in economics, law, psychology or sociology
• Creative Thinking and openness to new ideas
• Experience in team work
• Knowledge in the field of HR and management


How to redefine the organization of a small enterprise in order to motivate employees and to increase the work productivity? Are there possibilities besides classic organizational structures, which could better match working field of Krug Travel or with more working flexibility and easier decision making? An innovative organization with self-management could enhance the effectiveness of work, but also reduce the number of “brain drain” at local level through raising the employment percentage or motivate other companies in the same field to redefining the organization. The impact of this problem in the close future is lack of innovations which are needed, especially in the tourism sector. On the other hand, if we offer young people the opportunity through jobs where they feel as needed employees, whose opinion matters, and who can have a friendly relationship with their boss and colleagues, maybe they will decide on staying in our region. The impact on the local and international level is enlarged if the solution could be applied in other SMEs.


Organization is like an organism, and a lot of employees in companies organized in classical way have the same problem: their work may look irrelevant. Krug Travel’s work has to be well planned, organized and implemented with good time management. Most of the employees are young people, but there are possibilities to improve the efficiency and satisfaction.
The target group are SMEs in the field of tourism and young people who are working or potentially could work in the tourism sector.

Additional info:

• Obligatory reading of Frederic Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations” (at least the illustrated version) which will be provided by Krug Travel
• Learning, discussing, and thinking of implementation ideas
• Creating a business model that represents the values and ideas of “Reinventing Organizations” - Company Shares, “Who is the Boss?”, “Who does what and who has the responsibility in decision making?”

Company name:

Krug Travel

About seeker:

- Description of company/institution:
Krug Travel is a Croatian Tour Operator based in Opatija and Pula. We are a team of friends, travel professionals, and academics. Our home base is the Istrian Peninsula. We believe that Istria is a unique melting pot of three countries: Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. On our small group tours, we offer a story of all three countries together, interwoven into one cultural experience. Mouthwatering homegrown food, fantastic Istrian wines, medieval hilltop towns, ancient Roman ruins, and the crystal clear sea water are some of the aspects that make this a must-see-destination when travelling to Croatia, Italy or Slovenia.
- Vision: where do you see the company/institution in 5 years?
In 5 years we want to be the best Destination Management Company in Istria through our boutique travel arrangements and through creating brand new travel experiences with the use of contemporary perspectives, methods and technology. Besides, we want to eliminate the patriarchal idea of the „Big Boss“ taking care of „his children“ but rather create a company atmosphere where we embrace „self-management“ and „working with a purpose“ while all employees their talents to the maximum.
- Description of the specific unit/department/function that opens the challenge and how the challenge will be integrated in the company vision:
As we are trying to „reinvent our organization“ you will work together with all members of Krug Travel (3 members). Be aware that we are looking for a third person that takes over the administration part of the company, so maybe you are the somebody who could join our journey? We want everybody in the company (and our suppliers and freelance collaborators) to enjoy working with us and within the company. Everybody should feel like being part of an organism rather than being a cogwheel in a machine that is interchangeable at any time.

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